$1300 Mai Tai

That's right, I said a Thirteen hundred dollar Mai Tai. Want to know what's in it..

Well, here ya go, here's the recipe:

2 ounces 17-year-old J. Wray & Nephew Jamaican rum
1/2 ounce French Garnier Orgeat
1/2 ounce Holland DeKuyper Orange Curacao
1/4 ounce rock candy syrup
fresh lime juice

And, I suppose you now want to know where to get it....

The Belfast, Ireland-based Merchant Hotel won the Most Expensive Cocktail in the World serving this drink in 2010.

If you would like to learn about the origination of the Mai Tai and get the original recipe check out this link to Trader Vic's.


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  1. I would love to give one of those a try. Unfortunately, my bank account can't support that.