Hpnotiq Drink Recipes

Whether you are using the original Hpnotiq, or Hpnotiq Harmonie, there's certainly a drink recipe for most everyone.

Here are a few from Hpnotiq's web site....

Hypnotiq Margarita

1-1/2 ounce Hpnotiq Harmonie
1/2 ounce Premiun White Tequila
1/2 ounce Triple Sec

Shake ingredients and pour over ice in a margarita glass.  Garnish with a lime wheel.

Purple Rain  (Reminds me of the 80's song by Prince.)

4 ounces of Hpnotiq Harmonie
Splash of lemon lime or club soda.

Serve over ice in your favorite martini glass.

Blue Crush - Being the huge blueberry fan that I am, this one sounds delish!

2 ounces Hpnotiq
1 ounce Premium Blueberry Vodka
Splash of lemonade.

Mix Hpnotiq and your choice brand Blueberry Vodka.  Add lemonade to taste.  Garnish with fresh blueberries and mint.

And of course, there's also a mojito drink recipe using the Hpnotiq Harmonie....

Hpnotiq Mojito

2 ounces Hpnotiq Harmonie
1 ounce Premium White Rum
1 ounce lime juice
4-6 mint leaves

Shake ingredients together.  Pour over ice, stir, and serve in a highball glass.

Enjoy and remember to always drink responsibly.

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