Discover Malibu Red

Discover Malibu Red. A vibrant fusion of Caribbean Rum and Mexican Tequila guaranteed to get the party started.

Here are a few drink recipes for you, straight from the Malibu web site.

Malibu Red Margarita

2 parts Malibu Red (50ml) (60ml*)
1 part lime juice (25-30ml)
1 part Agave syrup or Grenadine (25ml)

Served in a cocktail glass with a sea salt rim.

Malibu Red Sweetheart - A fruity fantasy, ice-cold Malibu Red fused with grenadine.

This one is a shooter.

1 part Malibu Red (40ml)
1 bar spoon of grenadine (5ml)

Malibu Red Mexican Shooter

Shot of Malibu red, served chilled
Orange wedge
With or without cinnamon

Malibu Red - Cola Danger

The classic taste of Cola made even better with a shot of Malibu Red and a hit of lemon.

1 part Malibu Red (50ml)
2 parts cola (100ml)
1-2 lime wedges

Enjoy and always remember to drink responsibly!

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