SuperBowl Drink Recipes

Next Sunday, February 3rd, 2013, the NFL will be playing SuperBowl XLVII. 

The San Francisco 49ers will be playing the Baltimore Ravens, and our friends at Belmont Beverage have come up with some themed drink recipes and shared them on FaceBook.

We'll start with you Baltimore fans.  The drink is called The Raven. 


1oz Vodka
1oz Rum
1oz Blue Curacao
1/2 oz Chambord

Pour the vodka, rum and blue curacao in a cocktain shaker full of ice.  Strain into a highball glass filled with fresh ice.  Slowly pour the Chambord over the back of a bar spoon, so that it floats on top.

Now for you 49ers fans,  The Gold Rush.


12oz Prosecco, chilled
2oz vodka, chilled
1-1/2 oz Goldschlager

Pour Prosecco into a clear glass, with no ice.  Add vodka and Goldschlager.  Stir to mix gold flakes evenly through the drink.

Here are a few more football drink recipes for you!

The Quarterback Sack Shot

2oz Gin
2oz Vodka
1oz Triple Sec
4oz Bloody Mary Mix
Splash of Tonic Water

Pour gin, vodka, triple sec and bloody mary mix in a shaker over ice.  Strain and pour into shot glasses (makes 4).  Add splash of tonic to the top of each. 

Touchdown Drink Recipe

2oz your favorite bourbon or whiskey
4oz lemonade
4oz iced tea

Pour whiskey and iced tea into a shaker over ice.  Strain and pour into a tall glass filled with ice.  Top with lemonade.

Looking for something a little on the lighter side to drink on SuperBowl Sunday.  Why not try this simple drink recipe.

SuperBerry Bowl

1oz Voli Light Vodka
2oz Mojito Mix
Splash of soda water.

Pour all ingredients over ice, stir and enjoy!

Then again, perhaps you want to Get Blizted.....Here's the recipe for that.

1oz vodka
1oz TY KU Liqueur

Pour ingredients into a shaker over ice.  Squeeze a little juice from a lemon and top with a splash of club soda.  Shake well.  Strain and pour into a shot glass!

And finally, no SuperBowl Party would be complete without a punch....

Linebacker Punch

1 part lime juice
1 part superfine sugar
4 parts rum
6 parts water

Pour all ingredients in a bowl over ice.  Sprinkle nutmeg over the top. 

Enjoy, and always remember to drink responsibly!

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