Italian Assassin Drink Recipe

I've been drinking Italian Assassin's for years.  Fortunately for me, I recently discovered Lazzaroni Amaretto, thanks to Kevin @ Crossroad Vintners. 

This is what I consider a 'True' Italian Assassin.

Here's the drink recipe for you!


1 ounce Jack Daniels
1 ounce Lazzaroni Amaretto


Pour Jack Daniels and Lazzaroni Amaretto over ice.  Stir, drink and enjoy!

Here's a little info on the Lazzaroni Amaretto:

  • Made and Bottled in Saronno Italy
  • Since 1851
  • Made by Infusion of Amaretti Di Saronno Cookies
  • Product of Italy
What better way to make an Italian Assassin!

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